Allowing Users to Manage Distribution Lists in Exchange 2010

Apparently by default, when you go into a Distribution Group and go to the Group Information Tab and assign users to the Managed by: area, this is not enough to allow them to make changes.  After some investigating I found the correct PowerShell commands to run to allow them to modify groups they are managing, and not allow them to create or delete distribution groups.

New-ManagementRole -Name OwnerDistributionGroups -Parent MyDistributionGroups

Remove-ManagementRoleEntry OwnerDistributionGroupsNew-DistributionGroup -Confirm:$false

Remove-ManagementRoleEntry OwnerDistributionGroupsRemove-DistributionGroup -Confirm:$false

New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role OwnerDistributionGroups -Policy “Default Role Assignment Policy”

Our trainer was going to sit down with the users that were managers of these groups.  She requested a list of the distribution lists, along with who was able to manager the lists.  Ran the following command to get the ManagedBy info:

Get-DistributionGroup | fl Name,ManagedBy > C:distro-managedby.txt