vMA and Patching Single ESXi5 host

I am in the process of rolling out a 10-user pilot for our computer lab on an older DL360G5 we have that isn’t getting used for anything at the moment.  Since I am keeping this host separate from our server infrastructure, I dont have the luxury of using update manager and moving vCenter and the other VM’s off to install updates and reboot the host on demand.

I wasn’t sure how to accomplish this, but found a link here that looked like it was what i was looking for.

In order to patch an ESXi5 host without using Update Manager I went to VMware’s patch download website and downloaded the latest set of patches.

In order to apply these patches I need vSphere Management Assistant also which is supplied by VMware as an OVF file.  I downloaded and deployed the OVF into VMware Workstation on my Desktop.  Upon starting the first time, I received the following error.

I haven’t seen this error before, or know anything about IP Pools yet, so I looked up the error and found this link which I used to resolve the issue and would allow me to boot up the vMA VM. I went through the process of setting up vMA which is pretty self explanatory.

-Next I logged into the vMA using vi-admin and my password I set.
-Next I uploaded the  .zip update file I downloaded from the VMware website onto the local datastore
– Went through the rest of this document to apply the patches to the ESXi host

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