Updating HP t5545 Thin Client

I have a HP t5545 thin client that I got for testing View 5 on.  Our initial plan was to re-use our Dell PC’s with Windows Thin PC to keep from buying new hardware, but I still wanted to test thin clients.  So I picked up this thin client for $300 and its been sitting on the side having only been used once or twice.  I finally have some time now that I have the View infrastructure up to begin testing with the thin client some more.

The OS HP Thin Pro is quite out of date
BIOS Version 786R5 v2.02
BIOS Release Date 6/10/2010
OS Build ID T5X31012
OS Kernel Version 2.6.26-2-686

After downloading the above file, I ran it on my Windows 7 workstation, and was prompted to create an ISO image, USB format, or Deployment.  Since the thin client doesnt come with a optical drive, I chose USB.   I then selected the M: which was a 8GB empty flash drive, and formatted the USB.


Once this finished, I put the USB into the thin client and rebooted it.  It prompted me with a blue screen it was going to format the onboard thin client Flash disk and erase all data, and update all the software.  Click entered Y.  The process began.  Took about 5 minutes.

While I was waiting for this to finish…. how do we update this on 200 thin clients effectively?

Removed the USB and rebooted the thin client, Clicked Launch Easy Setup Utility.
The first tab in the Setup Utility was updates, I applied all the updates available.

After updating, here are the new versions
OS Build ID T5X32112
OS Kernel Version 2.6.27-17-generic

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