Windows 8 Enterprise RTM Installation and Impressions

I am currently in the process of downloading Windows 8 RTM and will be burning to DVD and installing in the next couple of days.

Things I like with Windows 8
Task Manager shows a lot of useful information, can see this helping troubleshooting a lot.
File Transfer status window also shows a lot more information and has nice graph.
Resource Monitor shows all information you would need for CPU, Disk, Network, etc.
Taskbar spans across multiple monitors instead of just primary monitor

Things I don’t like with Windows 8
Still can not print from the snipping tool.
Advertisement in Weather App.
First off, not a fan of the Metro UI, it slows me down in everyday tasks.
I have been using Windows 8 since Developer Preview, still don’t like Metro UI.
With that said, I am going to have to learn keyboard shortcuts to make my life easier.
For Enterprise, it comes loaded with all kinds of non-enterprise apps, removed those.
Shutting down and restarting PC takes way to many steps, I created a shortcut in taskbar.

Is there a group policy (adm) addon for additional policies for Windows 8?
Will the Windows 8 group policies require Windows Server 2012 Domain Controllers?
Not sure if Windows Defender was updated in Windows 8 or not, don’t use it much.

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