HP MSL 4048 Library Install

Today the new HP MSL4048 Tape Library arrived.  After unpacking everything and going over the installation guide, I removed the shipping lock which keeps the inside parts from getting smashed around during shipping.  Next was to install the rails into the square holed rack.  There were two different sets of mounting hardware, one for circle and one for square.

Once we got the library loaded into the rack, it was connected to power and network to start the initial configuration.  First was to let the library do its initial power on testing, this took about 5 minutes and showed the status changes on the LCD screen.  Once that was completed I went through the menu to change the admin password so I was able to log into the web interface to manage it.  Next I set the IP and went to my desk and launched my web browser to the IP I just set, after documenting the IP.  Next was to setup email alerts on the tape library, so if anything changes, or fails, I will be notified of this through email.

I loaded one of the four magazines full with LTO5 tapes and inserted back into the tape library, it went through its process of scanning all of the tapes (at this point no labels were on them).

I checked the firmware versions that were currently installed on the library, all appeared to be up to date from what I downloaded from HP’s website.

Next I updated my spreadsheet with the warranty information to include the new library, and then added the warranty info the HP Insight Online.

Next will be connecting it to the SAS HBA and configuring in Backup Exec.

I put the ESXi host in maintenance mode today and shutdown the server.  Installed the SAS HBA and booted the server back up.  During the bootup process I did see it recognize the H221 SAS HBA, thats a good sign.  Took the ESXi host out of maintenance mode and started the Backup Exec VM back up.  Backup Exec was not able to see any of the equipment for some reason when trying to configure storage.  The HP H221 SAS HBA was showing up in the device manager, and the HBA could see both LTO5 drives when i booted the HBA into its BIOS.  I started reading around online, didnt see a whole lot.  After about 10 minutes, I started to wonder if I had to add hardware to the VM.  I right clicked the BackupExec VM and went to edit settings, and added a SCSI device.  There were 2 HP Tape options from the drop down menu, so i added both.  I rebooted the VM and both the tape drives showed up in device manager, and in BackupExec.

I started to setup a quick backup job, however I was failing and having issues.  I noticed that there was also no robotic library in device manager or BackupExec and that is quite imporant since thats what controls loading and unloading the tapes into the drives.  So i did some more looking and it appears as though VMware stopped supporting tape libraries directly connected to ESXi hosts in version 5.0… great.  So at this point i submitted a ticket to HP to see if there was a configuration change i could make somewhere since tape libraries are supported in ESXi 4.1, I figure they should be able to help me.  Waiting to hear back from them.


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