Updating HP DL380p Gen8 Server BIOS

  1. We will be upgrading to version 8/20/2012 so we need to visit the following link.
  2. Click Download to download the file SP58927.exe (4.0 MB)
  3. Insert USB drive into your PC, note the drive letter
  4. Launch the exe you just downloaded, Click Next, I Agree – Next, Next, Finish
  5. Navigate to C:SWSetupSP58927ROMPaq USB Key and launch HPQUSB.exe
  6. Select the appropriate device and click start, Click YES to all data will be lost
  7. Click Close once it completes
  8. Remove the USB drive
  9. Insert the USB drive into the DL380p Gen8 Server and reboot
  10. Press F11 on boot for boot menu
  11. Press 3 for One Time Boot to USB DriveKey
  12. You will get a window showing current BIOS, and BIOS that your updating to, press Enter to Continue, this takes 1-2 minutes to update
  13. Press Esc to exit once it asks if you want to reprogram another ROM
  14. Remove USB drive, and press the power button on the server to shutdown
  15. Wait 1 minute and power back on

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