Blocking ZIP files with a Transport Rule

  1. Log into an Exchange 2010 server and navigate to Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Transport Rules
  2. Right Click and select New Transport Rule, and name your rule. (add comments if necessary, and uncheck Enable Rule if you don’t want it enabled right away. Click Next
  3. Check the box “when any attachment file name matches text patterns”
  4. Click text patterns and add “.zip” without quotes, and click Add, OK, Click Next
  5. I also wanted to forward any blocked zip files to a specific mailbox I setup
  6. In the Actions screen, I selected “redirect the message to addresses”
  7. I clicked addresses and added the mailbox I just created
  8. Clicked Next as I did not want to create any exceptions at this time
  9. Clicked New to Create the Rule
  10. Next, go into Services on Exchange Hub Transport Server, and restart the Transport Service for changes to take effect, users will not notice anything, and mail flow will only be impacted for a few seconds.

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