Exchange 2003 Exceeded size limit of 75GB

Customer called in this morning saying their customers were not able to send in emails to them, they were getting bouncebacks.  Connected remotely to their server and saw D: drive only had 4GB of free space, but all Exchange services were running and appeared to be working fine.  Went into the event viewer and saw the message “The current physical size of this database (the .edb and the .stm file) is 78GB.  The database has exceeded the size limit of 75GB.

I called the customer back and told them to have everyone clean out all the emails they could in their inbox, subfolders, sent items, and then empty their deleted items folder.  I sent the retention settings for deleted items from 30 to 0 days.

Since they did not have any drives on the server with enough available disk space, I brought an external USB drive onsite and unmounted the mailbox stores. I ran the following command to start the offline defrag to the external USB drive.

Directory: C:Program FilesExchsrvrbin>eseutil /d /p “D:Program FilesExchsrvrMDBDATApriv1.edb” /t F:tempdfg.edb

Ran into two issues while running the defrag.

First issue was the following:
Operation terminated with error -1014 (JET_errOutOfBuffers, Out of database page buffers) after 56029.172 seconds.

Called MS support to see if they would be able to assist with that error, support for Exchange 2003 in SBS 2003 ended in April, with Windows XP.

Second issue was the following:
Unable to find the callback library jcb.dll (or one of its dependencies). Copy in the file and hit OK to retry, or hit Cancel to abort.

To resolve this issue, I downloaded the latest eseutil for Exchange 2003 at the following MS site.

This started the offline defrag to the external drive F:
Once complete, I removed the old .edb and .stm files from D: and replace them with the defragged files and remounted the datastore.

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