HP finally admits Firmware Update in Intelligent Provisioning is broke

I have been working with HP servers for 10+ years. The hardware is generally good, however with anything HP, their website, software, and support is terrible.

I have a few new DL380p Gen8’s I am re-provisioning and booted into Intelligent Provisioning and wanted to update all the firmware. Now I am aware of HP SPP, but why have Intelligent Provisioning if i have to download a 6GB SPP ISO, copy it to DVD, and go through that entire process.

So I opened a ticket with HP, they said it wasnt a problem, 3 weeks later they emailed me asking if there was anything else and if they could close it. Well i responded, and at the bottom it gave me several other emails that I decided to CC on the email.

Well someone from HP actually called, and I spoke with them several times on the phone, after frustratingly explaining many times the issue, and asking if they are actually trying this on their servers, and them not understanding how their own products work, they went and spoke with another team. Finally after 5+ attempts they finally emailed me the following:

“Yes, you are correct. When we click on the Firmware update button, it tries to connect “ftp.hp.com“(No information about the Port number being used here).
Now the concern is that the FTP location(Which is like a Repository of all the files) is no longer available after the HP separation.
The concerned Team is working on it, however we don’t have an ETA for the same. The only workaround is to use SPP as in an iso or FTP to update files accordingly. “

I replied back:

“OK, please let me know when the Firmware Update button in Intelligent Provisioning is working again

I would send out an email to your customers as well that you are aware of the issue and working on fixing it, since this probably affects everyone with an HP Gen8 or Gen9, customers would appreciate that info as they are often frustrated with HP things not working correctly, especially your website.”

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