Azure AD signin – change from UPN to email address

Our users UPN (User Principal Name) differs from their email address.  When syncing AD with Azure AD Connect it pulls over the users UPN and defaults to their login address.  The company wants the login to be the users email address, and not their UPN.

The following steps are to add the email address to the AD Connect sync to Azure AD, and then to allow the email address to be used as the login instead of the UPN.

Uninstall Azure AD Connect and all components in the wizard.

Reinstall Azure AD Connect and select ‘mail’ as the ‘USER PRINCIPAL NAME’


2 thoughts on “Azure AD signin – change from UPN to email address”

    1. Correct, just an uninstall and reinstall, I went through this process with Azure support and that is what they told me to do. It didn’t delete any on-prem users, and it just updated the login names in Azure, so if you have users authenticating with their UPN and you change it to their email address, make sure its communicated ahead of time to them.


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