Lync Server 2013 Edge Server running Test-CsTopology and version mismatch

When running Test-CsTopology from a Lync Edge server you get the following error from Lync Server Management Shell.  Test-CsTopology failed. Command setup failed: Cannot find information about the local domain.

This error is to be expected since it can’t pull information since the Edge server is not on the domain.

To ensure replication is happening from the Frontend servers to the Edge server you can run the following command from the Lync Frontend server.

The config will replicate out to the Edge server over port 4443 (so make sure that port is open from the front-ends to the Edge)



Also ProductVersion is reporting as 5.0.8308.556 however the servers have been updated to the latest July 2017 CU which is 5.0.8308.992.  To view the actual versions of Lync on the Frontend server run the following command in regular powershell.

Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from win32_product’ | where {$ -like “*Lync Server*”} | Select Name, Version | ft –AutoSize