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Restore Exchange 2007 Databases from Tape to new Mailbox Server

We had 6TB of email databases go offline from a double disk RAID5 failure.

Built new Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server on 2008 R2 as we took this opportunity to get the failed mailbox server off 2003 server.

Restored edb and log files from tape to new mailbox server MBX4.
D:DB1Mailbox Database.edb

Replay Logs using eseutil using the following command
Go to D:DB1Logs directory
E02 is the checkpoint file, this is different, look at the first 3 of the logs prefix to determine this
eseutil.exe /R E02 /I /DD:DB1 /SD:
This process can take 5-60 minutes depending on how many log files there are.


Once this completes create a new storage group and point it to the Database Folder, and the Database Logs folder. This will take a bit to create, so be patient.


Rename database edb file
Rename Mailbox Database.edb to Mailbox Database.edb.oldCreate a new Database in the storage group you just created called Mailbox Database.edb, DO NOT mount the database.
Rename the Mailbox Database.edb.old back to original, remove .old

Go into the database properties and adjust the quota’s and make sure you check ‘This database can be overwritten by a restore’


Mount the Database

Run the following powershell command to re-home the mailboxes from the old mailbox server to the new mailbox server

[PS] C:Windowssystem32>Get-Mailbox -Database “MBX1Storage Group
Mailbox Database” | where {$_.ObjectClass -NotMatch ‘(SystemAttendantMailbox|ExO
leDbSystemMailbox)’}| Move-Mailbox -ConfigurationOnly -TargetDatabase “EXMBX4Storage GroupMailbox Database”

Run the following command to show all the mailboxes in the database and export to a txt file so you know who’s mailbox is back online

[PS] C:Windowssystem32>Get-Mailbox -Database “Storage GroupMailbox Data
base” > C:DB1.txt

Setup simple RDS 2012 R2

RDS Setup – Quick Notes for single server installs
Install server 2012 R2
Assign Computer name and IP Address
Join RDS to existing domain
Install RDS role
Delete existing quick session collection
Create \rdsuserprofiledisks on root of D:
Create new session collection
Edit collection properties
End disconnected session after 10 minutes
Idle Session Timeout 12 hours
Add RD Licensing Server role
Edit Deployment Properties
Change licensing to User CALs, add RDS server
Tools – Terminal Services – Remote Desktop Licensing Manager
Right click RDS and Activate Server
Add license authorization and agreement number to server from MS open license agreement on VLSC

RDS Web Access