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Sage 100 Unlock region failure

ProvideX:File locking
Unlock region failure
Likely Network/Hardware error

I took on a customer that has been running into this error for about 4 months now.  They have an SBS 2011 server.  They have a mixed environment of both Windows 7 and Windows XP PC’s, however all the users running Sage are on Windows 7.

So far their HP switch has been replaced, and power management settings have been checked on the server and a workstation.

Server is an HP Proliant ML350 G6
NIC HP NC326i PCIe Dual Port – driver (10 Feb 2012)
Update NIC to (18 Feb 2014)

Questions to Ask

  1. When did the issue start? March 13th, end of February, begin March 1
  2. Who is affected, do they have logs of when it happens and where?
  3. Can they recreate the issue? No, computers get really slow before it happens
  4. Are the latest patches installed for Sage?
  5. How old is their network switch, are they running gigabit?
  6. When does the issue happen most often?

Things to check/try

  1. List of users having the issue, all of them?
  2. Go through event logs on server on 4/24/2014 to see what changed
  3. Scan server for viruses and malware
  4. Check firewall settings – firewall was on, disabled it
  5. Wireshark capture
  6. Update NIC drivers on server ML350 G6
  7. Disable HP power management on server, set maximum performance and static high performance, disable all Cstates
  8. Check for rouge hub or other network device
  9. Check speeds on NIC’s, auto negotiate?
  10. Test cables with Fluke for EMI
  11. Switch server to use its other NIC
  12. Disable interrupt moderation on NIC
  13. Backups only run at 6AM and 6PM would not cause issues during day
  14. Disable shadow copies
  15. Run MalwareBytes to check for malware
  16. No Windows Updates were installed around the time issue started happening
  17. Update BIOS, from 5/5/2011 to latest version, 7/2/2013
  18. Balanced Power and Performance, Dynamic Power Savings was set in BIOS
  19. Changed above settings to maximum performance and disabled all Cstates
  20. Disabled Flow Control on NIC, was at TX and RX
  21. Priority and VLAN disabled, was enabled
  22. Speed and duplex set to 1000Mb Full duplex, was set on auto negotiate
  23. HP V1810 J9660A 48G switch was running firmware 1.15 which is known to cause switch lockups.  Upgraded switch firmware to 1.18
  24. Run HP Service Pack for Proliant (SPP) on server to upgrade firmware and BIOS of server