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relocating iSCSI volume with db/logs to a new server

We have an Exchange 2007 Mailbox server running on Server 2003. We want to build a Server 2008 box, and attach the Exchange iSCSI volume to the new server.

As with previous versions of Microsoft Exchange, an upgrade of the operating system for an Exchange server results in the updating of the value for OS Version in the database header. This update triggers the rebuilding of internal database indexes. When using database portability to move a database from a Mailbox server running Windows Server 2003 to a Mailbox server running Windows Server 2008, the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) detects the operating system upgrade and takes the following actions:

  • During the first database mount operation, all secondary indexes are discarded. A secondary index is used to provide a specific view of the mailbox data (for example, when messages in a mail folder are sorted using Outlook in Online mode). The database will not be mounted and available to clients until this initial operation is complete. The amount of time to complete the operation is largely dependent on the size of the database. The larger the database is, the longer the mount operation will take.
  • Secondary indexes will be rebuilt on-demand as Outlook users sort their views in Online mode. In environments with large or extremely large databases, the on-demand rebuilding of indexes will initially result in high processor and disk utilization.

Unmount databases on old Exchange MBX server
Stop Exchange Services on old MBX server
Disconnect iSCSI volume from old MBX server
Connect iSCSI volume to new MBX server
Mount iSCSI drive in Windows on new MBX server
Create Storage Groups and point to existing DB/Logs on iSCSI volume
Mount databases
Wait for indexing to take place before database remounts
Run PowerShell command to point mailboxes from old MBX to new MBX

Get-Mailbox -database “EXMBX1CORP Storage GroupMailbox Database” | Move-Mailbox -TargetDatabase “EXMBX3CORP Storage GroupMailbox Database”| -ConfigurationOnly

Server 2003 stuck at startup splash screen HyperV VM

Had a 2003 Server VM go down because of a network/SAN connectivity issue.  Upon starting the VM back up, it got stuck at the Windows splash screen indefinitely.


Tried booting into safe mode and got stuck on ACPITABL.DAT


Connected VM to 2003 Server ISO and booted off that
Hit R for recovery
Sat at Examining disk for 10-15 minutes


Finally got in and ran a checkdisk


SOLUTION: Ended up being an iSCSI disk that was connected to the VM in Hyper-V that was causing it to hang.  When the iSCSI disk was unmounted, server booted up fine and it was remounted.