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WSUS not downloading approved updates

I recently moved our WSUS off HyperV over to VMware using VMware convertor.  I approved some new updates and noticed the download was stuck at 0.00MB of 120MB.  Event ID 10032 “The server is failing to download some updates.”

Turns out, the D: drive containing WSUS items lost its NETWORK SERVICE permissions so I had to add that user, with ReadOnly permissions back to the root of D: and after i rebooted WSUS started downloading the new updates as normal.

Setup simple RDS 2012 R2

RDS Setup – Quick Notes for single server installs
Install server 2012 R2
Assign Computer name and IP Address
Join RDS to existing domain
Install RDS role
Delete existing quick session collection
Create \rdsuserprofiledisks on root of D:
Create new session collection
Edit collection properties
End disconnected session after 10 minutes
Idle Session Timeout 12 hours
Add RD Licensing Server role
Edit Deployment Properties
Change licensing to User CALs, add RDS server
Tools – Terminal Services – Remote Desktop Licensing Manager
Right click RDS and Activate Server
Add license authorization and agreement number to server from MS open license agreement on VLSC

RDS Web Access

Remote Desktop Connection Broker – Events 1306, 1296, 1280, 802

This started out as an issue with the 120 day grace period expiring.  I went into the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager and added the Microsoft Open agreement with the RDS CAL’s.
I noticed there was a yellow explanation point in the RDS licensing screen, and had the following warning.
The license server is not a member of the Terminal Service License Servers group in Active Direectory Domain Services.  The license server will not be able to issue RDS Per User CALs to users in the domain, and you will not be able to track or report the usage of RDS Per User CALs on this license server.  Clicked Add to Group, Click Continue.


RD Connection Broker failed to process the connection request for domain/user
Remote Desktop Services failed to join the Connection Broker on server RDS.domain.  Error: Current async message was dropped by async dispatcher, because there is a new message which will override the current one.
Remote Desktop Connection Broker Client failed while getting redirection packet from Connection Broker.  Error: Element not found.
Remote Desktop Connection Broker Client failed to redirect the user domainuser.  Error: NULL

Finding destination computer…



Troubleshooting with MS

  1. Create a test admin account, on the RDS server connected to ‘localhost’ and used test admin account, that worked fine.
  2. Modify Group Policy RDS Licensing, set name, and user CALs
  3. Restart RDS services
  4. Reboot Server
  5. Still getting error “Licenses are not available for this Remote Desktop Session Host server, and RD Licensing Diagnoser has identified licensing RD Session Host server.
  6. works with mstsc /admin which allows it to connect without certs
  7. Modified the group policies for licensing server, licensing mode
  8. Licensing issues still
  9. net stop termservlicensing
  10. c windows system32.lserver.old
  11. create new lserver folder, change permissions
  12. network service full control
  13. net start termservlicensing
  14. licmgr, add licesning again
  15. Delete all certificate entries from RCM key, reboot
  16. remove incorrect certificate in cert MMC
  17. Modify the following registry
  18. HKLM – System – Current Control Set – Control – Terminal Server – WinStations – RDP-TCP – Security Layer changed from 1 to 0